Office and apartment building

Place for new achievements
Office and apartment building “Kalpaka 10” is in one of the most popular places in the city. It is located on one of the liveliest streets of the centre of Riga. The historic building of the Office and apartment building is built in the style of Classicism and is part of the historic boulevard circle of Riga

At the building are office rooms ranging from 40 sq.m. up to 180 sq.m.The rooms are on the first, fourth and fifth floors. 

You can familiarize yourself with the plans of the premises here. (pictured here with plans)

Rental rates starting from 7 euros.

In agreement with the tenant, the repair of the premises is carried out according to the needs.

Want to know more?

Properly organized and high-quality office and apartment building services not only provide pleasant amenities for tenants and increase the prestige of the office, but also save time. The office and apartment building “Kalpaka 10” provides the following services for your convenience.

Reception: Upon entering the building, visitors enter the spacious and bright lobby, where they are greeted by a specially equipped reception area. The building’s janitor will always help you find the office you need or contact you if necessary. The building is open to visitors from 8.00 to 23.00

Services: The service company SIA MRM will solve any issues as soon as possible. We provide convenient and comfortable service, creating pleasant working conditions for every tenant. All offices have air conditioning and optical internet access. If necessary, we can provide any additional service required.
Security: The building is guarded around the clock, and a modern video surveillance system is installed.
Business center engineering and technical support: Ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, heating, fire and CCTV systems, high quality fiber optic digital internet in the building. Daily professional cleaning of common areas, 24-hour security, visitor control.
Operational Services: Transmission, management, electrical and plumbing services, repair and related work for electricity, water and heat supply systems.

About the building

During 2017, the building has undergone repair work. The facade of the building has been painted in accordance with the historic colour passport and the repair of the staircase has been made, making it brighter. This year it is planned to install a lift in the building and to improve the accessibility of the building for people with special needs


The building is easily accessible for both pedestrians and motorists. Comfortable office and apartment building entrance area will truly be appreciated by tenants and its visitors. The windows of the building offer a fantastic view of Esplanade and the Academy of Art. There are sophisticated restaurants and simple cafes in the immediate vicinity. Various state and municipal institutions, as well as Riga International Airport, are easily accessible.